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Climax Sound Production Disc Jockey Service and ICUPHOTOS photography are passions and services that I have been providing for over 40 years.  I have performed for a variety of private parties, weddings (both large and small), major corporate events (indoors and outdoors). I have performed these services mostly within the Tri-State area of Philadelphia, Delaware, and New Jersey but have always been willing to travel beyond the normally expected area to please a client.  I love to entertain a diverse audience with my vast musical collection.

My motto's are: "Let’s take this event to the MAX"; "Everybody must Get Wet" and “Let’s Dance".


For a sample of the variety of music I provide, copy the following to your browser to tune into my diversified iRadio station:  wcsp3275.listen2myshow.com.


ICUPHOTOS is a photography passion I love to perform when I am not booked for a DJ event. My passion for photography has allowed me to be creative in other aspects of life. The saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words and I feel as though capturing the perfect photos can make a million memories long after a special moment has passed.  That special moment can be revisited over and over again through photos.  I take special pride in capturing the right moment at the right time.


To review more of my portfolio, please copy ICUPHOTOS3275.com to your browser.


There are many things I enjoy about the events that I do.  The most enjoyable for me is when I'm DJing an event and I see someone that looks like they are not having fun, only to look over to see them tapping their feet and suddenly they hear the next song coming and then make their way to the dance floor for that one last dance.  Seeing this makes me feel like my mission was accomplished.


When I'm photographing an event or project, it pleases me to see the client’s face when they are reviewing the photos and realize that I've captured a moment they did not see.  It is amazing to see some of the photos I’ve taken in print.  It’s awesome!

I love what I do and I want my clients to feel the same about the service I provide.  I take great pride in providing the best service possible.


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